Custom Czech Kendama Prague Shop

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Custom Czech Kendama Prague Shop

Custom Czech Kendama Prague Shop  -Hand painted Kendamas

WE are pleased to be working with the Aura Artist who has many years of painting practise.

He started to work with us on our Prague Kendama store to ensure that we are providing a quality service to our customers.

Each series of Kendama custom paintings are made through the vision and communication with players of Kendama.

This is important to us that we get the feedback on the product and also gain valuable insight into new ideas and designs.

The players account for a real time experience of their voice which we value very much and from this we can then explore various visions in the Aura painting kendama studio. 

From the start of our Prague store we worked for many weeks to get our signature top Tacky Kendama gloss to be great balance of tack without feeling like a rubber glove placed over the Kendama. Which from other sellers we noticed that the tamas were rubber and did not feel great or even place so great as they say.

Currently we are extremely happy with our performance of the Top tacky Kendama coat and believe that this will greatly enhance each and every player with their performance. THis will make them play and feel better to gain that confidence with Kendama and also achieve that set goal.

Goals are a important part of our everyday lives and through playing this beautiful Japanese Skill toy - the Kendama - We can also use this state of mind to achieve and try and achieve our everyday goals.

Our vision is to make beautiful kendamas which cannot be purchased anywhere else and which will enhance the collection of each player. We take pride in our team and we also have a private collection of each and every kendama made. 

Some Kendamas are made through varied testing to make the final version truly fantastic for the player - A lot more varied Kendamas will appear in the near future as we start to plan the next phase of the store. Through our sales we can generate more stock to proceed with making more valued and varied products and art pieces into your Kendama collections.


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