KROM Kendama by players for players

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Krom Kendama by players for players

Krom Kendama - Aura Kendama cz shop is pleased to welcome Krom Kendma to our kendama cz shop.

It has been our vision to work with Krom Kendama and to bring to the Kendama players an outlet to enrich their collection with this finely tuned product. Aura Kendama cz has worked closely with Krom Kendama to bring the newest products to the Aura Kendama cz shop as soon as possible in order to give the players the opportunaty to get the stock at the earliest possibility.

The kendama is a unique and expressive toy. It was born in Japan as a drinking game but dates back to the Aztecs, the Iniuits, and the French nobility of the 1600s. The kendama develops  hand-eye coordination and  perseverance and is fun and easy to learn. New tricks  are constantly being invented by the creativity of players worldwide. The global kendama community continues to grow and players from all over the world are experiencing what kendama has to offer. 

In 2010 Philip Eldridge and Thorkild May founded to supply the rising demands for kendamas in Denmark. Philip and Thorkild enjoyed playing and distributing the classic Japanese kendamas and quickly showed attention to the details. That is why they made a vision for developing kendamas with improved shapes and funkier designs.


In 2012 KROM Kendama was born to fulfill the vision of producing the most high quality kendamas in the world. Since then the company and global kendama community has grown and allowed KROM to spread and travel the entire world.

The KROM family strives to represent their unique lifestyle in their world-class kendamas, collaborations, and media.

The Krom Kendama Family include:

Bonz Atron - USA
Battle in Seattle 2013, Spotown Throwdown 2013,  Kendama World Cup 2014
Rocky Mountain Rumble Open Champion, NKR open 2015 and 2016,
  Catch and Flow Freestyle World Champ 2015,  EKO Dan freestyle champ 2016 MKO freestyle champ 2016 
Hiroki Iijima "Iji" - Japan
European Kendama Open dan jam 2014. Zoomadanke founder. Iji doesn’t compete.
He only wins. Inventer of the new school performance style. Full time kendama performer.
Jake Fischer - USA
Battle at the Border Open Champ 2014, Battle at the Border Open Champ 2015,
Dama in the D Open Champ 2015, Minnesota Kendama Open Freestyle Champ 2015,
Battle at the Border Freestyle 2016, National Kendama Retreat Freestyle Champ 2016,
Catch and Flow Freestyle World Champion 2016
Matthew Ballard - USA
Wenatchee Kendama Team Co Founder 2010, Maker of Count Me In! and Where We Are.
Expert Class World Kendama Open 2013,  European Kendama Open 7-To-Spike 2014 Champ,
MKO 7-To-Spike 2014, 7-To-Spike San Diego Tournament 2014
Philip Eldridge - DK
KROM Founder with Thorkild May 2010. European Champion 2013, European Freestyle Champion 2013.
European Freestyle Champion 2014, World Kendama Open Freestyle Champ with Thorkild 2014,
Vegas Freestyle Champion 2014
Thorkild May
KROM Founder with Philip Eldridge 2010. European K.E.N Champ 2012,
Dama Fest Freestyle Champ 2013, Catch and Flow Freestyle World Champion 2014,
World Kendama Open Freestyle Champion with Philip 2014, Catch and Flow 4th 2015,
World Kendama Open Freestyle 2nd 2015
Aura Kendama cz shop thanks Krom Kendama for all the help they provided so far and we hope to be supplying Krom Kendama for the future. 


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