Ozora Kendama - Kendama for sale

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Ozora Kendama - Kendama for sale

Ozora Kendama - Kendama for sale

or NOT for sale as it happened to be in my case.... let me tell you the story......

It made me smile the other day when i saw that Ozora Kendama have this year released a Kendama for sale in the form of the Ozora Premium Orange......

Why? i hear you ask

well... it was because i really wanted to get a Ozora Kendama Premium Orange. But i found out that Ozora do not make them anymore as it was produced on a limited run..

Nowadays they are really hard to find or can be quite expensive to purchase. 

So one day when i was talking with my sons about Kendamas and the colour of the Tamas look so cool.  We had the idea together that i would paint a Orange Tama as i liked orange so much. But could i really manage to do it as well as the other guys out there. At this stage i started to look on the net for ideas about how to paint kendamas and what glosses to use for the top coat and so on.. well after a few weeks of trial and error we came up with something that today i am really very happy with as a Kendama product.

when i look back at it all now i am pleased that we continued to believe in our vision and pushed hard to create our custom kendamas. Having a mindset to keep going even when the challenge seems perhaps not possible or too difficult is key to any success story.. We still have a long way to go here at Aura but we know the product is matching our competitors at every level.. Players who have tested them for us believe in our products and that really was how the whole Aura Kendama Custom paint shop came to be...only because i could not find any orange Ozora Kendama for sale

I have seen new photo of this years orange Ozora Kendama and well i must say.... hmm..that i really prefer my Aura Orange to the New Ozora Kendama Orange.  Which in my opinion looks rather bland in colour compared next to the sparkly punchy Aura Orange...I am not putting down Ozora Kendama in any way as i actually have a lot of Ozora products and i paint our customs on Natural wooden ozora Kendamas. But i was left feeling underwhelmed when i saw the ozora orange. I believe that Ozora sold out pretty quickly in 2014 when the orange was released and rightly so... Premium Ozoras are really nice and i enjoy to play them.. Our testers mentioned that the Aura top coat feels similar to the ozora premium coating.  

Well the test photo i did some time ago shows the Aura orange and comparison photo next to the Ozora premium orange..just a note in that the ozora photo was taken indoors and my photo was taken outside.. so there should be a slight difference in colour temperatures but i think the difference is still a long way apart from each other.. So if your out there Ozora and want my magic formula ;-) then hit me up in the comments section....


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