What is a Kendama?

A traditional wooden skill toy originated in Japan in the 1770s

The Kendama comes in three parts

- Tama (ball)

- Sarado

- Ken (handle)

Connected with a string it makes for a endless number of trick possibilities

Patience, determination and lots of practise are key in mastering the Kendama

When choosing a Kendama it is important to think about the following:

  • Wood Type - Soft or harder wood
  • Ideal Size in relation to person
  • Durable construction   
  • Sticky paint or rubber paint or raw (unpainted)

The Kendama

The Kendama is a simple unique toy that strengthens both mental and physical skills  

With its simple design this toy has a effect to draw people together and enhance entertainment

Kendama play developes hand and eye co-ordination and strengthens patience, focus and creativity.

Wood Types of Kendama

BEECH - Inexpensive, average durability, good performance

ASH - Premium feel, Good durability, Very good performance

MAPLE - Premium feel, Great durability, Great performance 

ZEBRANO - Premium, Very good durability, Very good performance

BAMBOO - Inexpensive, average durability, good performance

OAK - Affordable, average durability, good performance

WALNUT - Affordable, fair durability, good performance

CHERRY - Fairly inexpensive, fair durability, Good performance

MAHOGANY - Premium, Good durability, Excellent performance