Wyatt Bray Pro Model Kendama USA - Bamboo

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Wyatt Bray Pro Model Kendama USA - BRAYMOD

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The Wyatt Bray Pro Model is inspired by one of Wyatt's great passions; comic books. The #BrayMod is made from laminated bamboo wood and features a blue & yellow triple stripe tama. The ken features custom designs including a half-tone pattern along the handle, a COTK engraving in the cup, a mini triple stripe burn on the cup rim, and more. We’ve coated this model with our Super Stick paint to give you a superhero level of control. A portion of every sale goes directly to Wyatt Bray himself.

 The Wyatt Bray Pro Model features:

  • Bamboo wood construction
  • Kaizen 2.0 handle shape with traditional style assembly
  • Blue & yellow triple stripe tama coated with Super Stick paint for extreme control
  • Custom artwork burned into the handle, cups, cup rims and under sarado
  • Custom box with comic art by Tom Rogers

Each Pro Model includes a replacement string, bead, instructional guide, stringing tool & stickers.

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